Beating Work-From-Home Burnout

Living with COVID-19 hasn’t been easy for any of us. Nobody expected how long the pandemic would last and how abnormal life would become. Something that’s been on the rise during the last year of lockdown and remote working is burnout.

Having to adapt and find new ways of working can be stressful and hard work. Knowing which is the better way of working whilst keeping on top of workload is a trial and error process. But this process can take time, adding to the pressure and inevitably, the burnout.

Fellow Freelance Hero, Nik from Hello I’m Nik Design, has written all about burnout in lockdown and how you can avoid it.

She writes about the three steps you can take to relieve yourself of some of the pressure and begin feeling slightly more ‘normal’ (whatever that means). Her three steps are:



Ask for help

Before you can overcome burnout, you need to recognise the signs, evaluate the cause and ask for help if you need it. We are all in the same situation and understand how tough it is trying to work and adapt around this crisis. Add on top the grief that some may be feeling, and those times when you may fall in, burnout seems to be an inevitable part of life right now. But you are not alone; we are all in the same boat and no doubt, all willing to help each other get through this.

As Nik puts it, “It’s important to recognise when you’re struggling, it’s also important to ask for help if you feel like you might need it.”

Discover more about overcoming burnout in NIk’s fulll article over on Medium.

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Beating work-from-home burnout with Nik

Nik from Hello I’m Nik Designs. Brand and Marketing Designer. Lover of photography and bold colours.


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