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The Freelance Heroes Portal was borne out of requests from the award-winning, 10,000 strong Freelance Heroes Facebook community to create a more structured membership service.

Our mission is to provide a place for the UK’s fast-growing freelance and small business owner market to be seen and feel supported, whatever stage they’re at.

We recognise the value UK freelancers and small business owners contribute, not just to the economy but to each other. The Freelance Heroes portal provides a place for them to get the best out of freelancing.


The Freelance Heroes Story

In May 2016, Ed Goodman started a Facebook group for UK Freelancers to chat and swap tips. Ed realised that local networking with freelancers in a similar line of work might prevent valuable knowledge from being shared. The intention was to create a wider network of UK Freelancers where open and honest sharing would be encouraged and the spammy sales pitches would be left at the door.

A couple of months later, as the community quickly grew and the need for more comprehensive support for UK Freelancers became apparent, Annie Browne joined forces with Ed Goodman and Freelance Heroes as we know it today, began.

Freelance Heroes has grown into a supportive and encouraging community of peer support and a platform for personal development. Never closed for business, members can share experiences, ask questions and network with people who are in the same freelancing boat.


Mapping The Freelance Heroes

Our community is represented across the whole of the UK, a small percentage of who you can see on our Freelance Heroes map!

Freelance Heroes HQ

Annie Browne

Annie Browne


Virtual assistant, craft blogger, Mummy of two boys, wife to a globe-trotting academic, owner of two crazy cats, stationery lover and long-term sufferer of a tea and baked goods addiction. 

Ed Goodman

Ed Goodman


Co-Founder of Freelance Heroes and Freelance Social Media Trainer, specialising in helping businesses build communities. Dad of 2, kids’ football coach, husband to a patient wife, wrote a book, lover of all things music, and an aspiring poet. Amongst my vices, are a coffee with biscuits, a fine red, and spicy curries, although not all together.

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