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The Freelance Heroes portal is the best place for UK freelancers and small business owners to be seen and get the support they need.

Whether you’re starting out, settling in to or scaling up your freelance business, navigating the changing marketplace can be challenging. That’s why on top of essential practical support, our community provides the moral support to help you go it alone without feeling alone.

We like to think of our members as virtual business sidekicks; always there, when you need them.

Get ahead

If you’re new to freelancing or considering a change in direction, our friendly, knowledgeable community provides motivation, advice and support to help you get off to a good start.

Every fortnight we email free tips and resources from featured freelancers, as well as news and events relevant to freelancers.

Grow together

Even if you’re planning to stay solo, collaborating with people who have been in the same boat will help you manage your business and freelance life more successfully.

Our freelancer directory, documentation sharing facility, and exclusive discussion forums will help you find connections and work opportunities to propel your business forward.

We literally put you on the (freelancer) map.

As a member, you also get access to some great offers and discounts on essentials like IT support, insurance and video conferencing.

Be invincible

If you have your sights set on growth, our freelancer directory and job boards are the ideal place to start.

Our qualified freelancers are based all across the UK and span a wide number of roles in design, marketing, education, admin and more.

Keep an eye out for our exciting new package of benefits for freelancers focused on growth – coming soon.

What the freelance heroes say…

A great resource pool you can dip into when looking for people to collaborate with on larger projects or projects outside your area of expertise. Whether you have a tech issue with your laptop, need a sounding board for a new idea or just want a chat with your fellow freelancers, Freelance Heroes has it all.

Emma Read

As a newcomer to the freelancing world, the Freelance Heroes community has been really welcoming and helpful. I’ve found the group to be a safe place to ask any type of question, and they’ve helped me to navigate some of the tricky decisions early on in running my own business. The map is wonderful too, it’s a great way to find local freelancers to complement your skillset, or just meet for a coffee!

Penni Stanton

Having been a part of Freelance Heroes for over a year now I can genuinely say the group has become a huge mentor in navigating the choppy waters of being a freelancer in the business world. The discussions are always insightful well balanced and engaging.

Mark James Asplin

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