Why Freelancers Put Prices On Their Website, Or Not

“Price is what you pay; Value is what you get” – Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway

The question of whether a freelancer should show the cost of their services on their website comes up frequently. So we thought we’d run a poll.

Now, if you’re thinking this blog is going to answer the question for you, then I’m afraid not. In the same way we won’t tell you who to vote for. But we will give you the pros and cons to help you make a more informed decision based on what is right for you.

Firstly, here are the results:


And here are the reasons that explains why freelancers do or don’t put their prices on the website:

Reasons For

“I do, because if I go to a website that doesn’t even give an indication of pricing it totally puts me off and I go elsewhere. Plus it stops time wasters without the budget to hire me from wasting both our time. I believe in total transparency and being upfront about pricing” – Emma Read, @emmareadva, http://www.er-va.co.uk/

“I keep moving towards that but need to re-visit my packages as I find every client wants something slightly different so it always ends up getting tweaked.  From a customer perspective I would always want to see a price up front though or at least a package price agreed up front” – Ruth Buckingham, @Kandu_Marketing , https://kandu-marketing.co.uk/

“I have my rates on my website as a guide for the client and for transparency as I think that if they don’t know your rates they might think you are expensive” – Callum Ronan, @CRonanCreative, https://www.callumronancreative.co.uk/

“I experimented and took the prices off at the start of the year, but business and enquiries completely dropped. Soon as I put them back on it improved massively!” – Hollie Ellis, @imhollieellis, https://www.hollie-ellis.co.uk/

“Started doing it about a month ago, just to help potential customers reach their decision quicker.” – Jon Torrens, @JonTorrens, http://jontorrens.co.uk/

“Mines out there, as a general guide. I’m into building relationships not a price war.” – Victor Sacks, @SmartSacks, https://vsassociates.co.uk/

“I do. It’s because if I’m looking for a service for myself and the pricing isn’t readily available it tend to put me off.  I’ll usually move on to the next website rather contact them for a quote.” – Jade Hockie, @Elevate_PA, https://www.elevatepa.com/

“We do because we’re breaking the mound in an industry with a terrible reputation… it’s not right for everyone, but it’s right for us” – Jeremy Curtis, @heyvividly, https://vividlysimple.com/

“I have my rates up and a couple of clients said that’s why they chose to work with me. It’s an hourly rate that clearly states that will apply to all aspects of the work, including meetings, planning etc. I give a bespoke quote once the brief is filled in – works for me!” – Gemma King, @DiamondCopy, https://www.diamondcopy.co.uk/

“I put mine on! Why wouldn’t you? It is authentic and qualifies leads instantly (or not!)” – Charlotte Wibberley, @vipvaorg, https://vipva.org/

Reasons Against

“Putting prices on makes you look naive.  You’ll only attract people who want to undercut or negotiate.  Unless of course you are laying pipe by the yard – if however you are offering a creative service that’s for when you discuss a project with a client.” – David Chaudoir, @TheChaudoir, http://freelancemotiongraphics.co.uk/

“My service fees are tiered according to client (startups < SMEs < biggers) and assignment (tech. dev. < team lead < multi-team mgr < interim CTO < interim CEO). It simply wouldn’t make sense to put up a rate card.” – Jon Green, @jongreen_UK, http://www.adeptium.com/

“Each event is different and I treat every project as bespoke.” – Sabine Edwards, @PendletonEvents, http://pendletonevents.co.uk/

“No I don’t put prices on my website. If people are focused on price then they’re not necessarily looking for the service that is right for them. If people get in touch with me it allows me the opportunity to demonstrate the value I can bring to the table.” – Naomi Campbell, @VAVelocity, http://vavelocity.co.uk/

“Every job for me is so different” – Steve Folland, @sfolland, https://stevefolland.com/

“What I offer is tailored to the client so not really possible to give pricing.” – Kirsten Smith, @KirstenSmithHR, http://face2facehr.com/kirsten-smith/

“I don’t do fixed prices, every job is different. I will sometimes offer a discount which I don’t want to share publicly with everyone.” – Tracey Weeks, @purplelily06, http://www.purplelilydesign.co.uk/

“I don’t because the pricing very much depends upon the scope of the project I’m undertaking for that particular client and my understanding of the client’s requirements.” – Barry Pilling, @SAM_BarryP, https://www.linkedin.com/in/barrypilling

And, just to add to the confusion…

Resons Both For and Against

“Every job is pretty different and although I have a rate card which I stick to I can tailor.” – Nik Jones, @HelloNikDesign, https://unsplash.com/@helloimnik

“Yes and no – I quote my hourly rate as a general guideline to put off time-wasters, but not specific prices because I quote for projects individually (each one is v. different).” – Rachel Ingram, @msrachelingram, http://www.rachel-ingram.co.uk/

“Yes and no! I do on one site that provides a defined menu service to a set clientele but not on my other site that offers a wider range of copy to all comers” – Simon Beasor, @Writerbeez

“Depends what it is for.   I do workshops which have set prices, but for something like a website design I get a specification before I give a quote.  Each project is different and I want to be sure I am not setting unrealistic expectations before I have all the details.” – Leonie Winson, @leoniejane, https://lineandform.co.uk/

So you can connect easily with those who shared their opinions, as well as view some additional view points, here is the original post:


By the way, if you think this poll result conclusively leans towards “No”, at 65%/35%, then you may be interested to learn that I asked a similar question 5 months ago, with a completely opposite result.

What About You?

Do you put prices on your website?

Has this encouraged you to do so, or not?

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