How To Design Your Day Your Way as a Female Solopreneur – Workshop Recording


Design Your Day workshop summary

Main points discussed during workshop:
– The visualisation exercise inspired us to think about what we wanted our ideal day to look, feel and sound like
– The main exercise helped us to think about the different types of tasks and activities that make up (and have an impact on) our days (including the distractions!) and how to structure our days in a way that leaves us feeling more fulfilled and less frazzled.

Session highlights:
– What stops us from creating a structure to our day?
– What happens when there’s no structure to our day?
– The impact of distractions on – time lost and, our brains and our IQ
– What happens when we do start creating some structure to our day?
– Why structure matters – particularly if you are feeling overwhelmed
– Visualisation exercise: what would you like your ideal day to look, feel and sound like?
– The Pickle Jar Theory – how to create more structure to our day

Complimentary workbook:

-How to structure your day: CLICK HERE to download.


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Louisa Daubney