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Writing a Great 60-Second Pitch

10th November 2022, 12:00 - 13:00
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When we think about a business pitch, we tend to think about business founders with ambitions to grow standing in front of a panel of investors.

But this isn’t the only time that having a great pitch is essential. If you haven’t got a clear pitch you could be missing out on opportunities every day to bring in new business.

Being able to outline what you do clearly, concisely and convincingly is absolutely key, whether you’re talking to a potential new client or collaborator, at a networking event, or even to someone at a party, in the playground or in the pub. After all, you never know when you might be talking to your next customer, or someone who might recommend you.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

-Why having a well-written pitch means you’re ready to talk about what you do in any circumstance.

-The key information to include when you’re talking about your business or freelance service.

-How to get your message across in the most impactful way.

-How to make sure you’re ready to talk about what you do confidently at any time.


Both members AND Non-members of Freelance Heroes can sign up to this workshop for FREE HERE.


About the host

Portrait of Gemma Casey from Natwest Enterprise Team

Gemma Casey

Gemma Casey is part of NatWest’s Enterprise team, leading on strategic partnerships for small business support across Wales.

She is an experienced journalist, working in local newspapers, for a national news agency and in BBC radio and television before joining the bank’s press office, where she led on communications across Wales and the South West.

Gemma is also part of NatWest Cymru Regional Board, helping to develop and drive the bank’s priorities to support families, businesses and communities across Wales.

Gemma is passionate about championing and supporting small businesses, having grown up in a family which ran a third-generation business in the South Wales Valleys.

Gemma believes that success in business comes from having great relationships, strong networks and first-class communication. She works hard to connect people to those they might never have otherwise met, or even imagined could be a significant link for them.

She lives in Cardiff with her husband and young son, and juggles family life and the ‘day job’ with a side hustle as a communications specialist and copywriter

60 second pitch

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    10th November 2022, 12:00 - 13:00
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Freelance Heroes Event