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Freelancing as Painting (a Canvas) by Numbers with Adrian Ashton

7th April 2022, 13:00 - 14:00
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Freelancing as Painting (a Canvas) by Numbers with Adrian Ashton

Research shows that most business plans are a waste of time. So why do we keep being told to do them?

Thankfully there’s a better model using 1 sheet canvases. Find out more with Adrian Ashton will be joining us to deliver a workshop suggesting how canvases might be a more visual, enjoyable, and creative alternative to not only develop your freelance model, but also make working on client projects easier too.

With research showing that most business plans are a waste of time, in this workshop Adrian will show how to help you build a better freelance business model and learn how canvases can re-ignite your love of business planning

About Adrian Ashton

Adrian Ashton has been managing to freelance since 2005 (an age before the advent of the first iPhone and broadband internet!), despite never meaning to adopt this model of employment.

He’s asked to deliver masterclasses on how to business plan by several universities’ business schools and start-up bootcamps; and commissioned to train business advisers in funded support schemes to be able to better help start-up and growing enterprises develop their respective business plans.

Yet he’s always argued that nearly all business plans created are a waste of time, advocating the use of single page visual canvases instead – which every individual client he’s worked with has always preferred, and found more practically useful than a formal business plan.

Encouragingly, this seemingly subversive approach is also recognised more widely – to date, he’s been feted with various awards for how this approach creates better impacts for all concerned, and been endorsed by the Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship for it too.

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Adrian Ashton - Freelance Heroes Member and Workshop Host

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    7th April 2022, 13:00 - 14:00
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    Freelance Heroes
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