UK Freelancers’ Favourite Podcasts

Now and again, we get a request that just needs saving for other freelancers to find easily. The following is one of those request….

“Morning! I’m looking for UK business podcast recommendations that I can listen to whilst travelling. I only ever seem to come across podcasts that are hosted by Americans, which is fine, but it’d be nice to hear from a UK perspective. Topics that interest me include – being an entrepreneur, marketing, running a small business. Thanks in advance.”

True to form, Freelance Heroes members weren’t slow in coming forward and here is a list of 12 podcasts that UK freelancers recommend:


Ten Words by Jeremy Waite

“A Show Full of BIG Ideas, Small Words and Short Sentences”


PR Podcast for Small Businesses by Janet Murray

“Love marketing; make money”


Get Real About Business Podcast

“Expert interviews, step-by-step plans, tips and tricks and behind-the-scenes secrets from myself and experts from around the world… all designed to make everything as actionable and scalable as possible.”


The Marketing Meetup Podcast by Joe Glover

“The Marketing Meetup Podcast is an audio series by marketers, for marketers. Featuring live talk recordings, interviews, and discussions, The Marketing Meetup Podcast is the place for marketers to come to stay in touch, learn, and be inspired.”


Wisdom for Working Mums Podcast Show

“Expert interviews and conversations with inspirational working mums all designed to help support women to combine their family, work and life in a more successful and sustainable way”


Business for Superheroes by Vicky Fraser

“Juicy secrets and profitable a**e-kickings from the Small Business Ringmaster.”


Being Freelance with Steve Folland

“Where creative freelancers chat about being, well, freelancers”


The Digital Sparks Podcast

“A wealth of tips, interviews and discussions on web marketing, online entrepreneurship and digital living.”

(We even featured in an episode of this, which can be found at


The Grafter Show

“The Grafter Show is all about people’s journeys to achieving their own goals.”


The Disruptive Entrepreneur Podcast by Rob Moore

“You know you can be something much bigger and greater, a great entrepreneur and businessman, and you have so much to give. Then Rob can help, he has over 100,000 entrepreneurs who are testament to this.”


Motion Hatch by Hayley Akins

“Discussing the business side of animation and motion design. Hear from a wide range of voices within the industry and get quality motion design advice and insight.”


Industry Angel Podcast with Ian Farrar

“Inspiration, Motivation & Entrepreneurship in one easy listen.”

What about you?

What’s your favourite podcast and why?

We’d love to hear, either @FHChat on twitter or in the Freelance Heroes Facebook Group