“If you look as if you’ve put in some work, you’ve got a little bit of a personality, and you’ve put in a story, the audience will love that.” – Jon Torrens

Jon Torrens is a former stand-up comedian and his hugely popular talk at Freelance Heroes Day 2019 was packed full of tips to help freelancers improve their pitching and presenting skills. In this episode, Ed puts your specific questions to Jon, to help you also learn and improve with your pitching, presenting, public speaking, and networking too.

About Jon

I’ve worked as a designer (and experienced the joy of deadlines) at games companies including Sony and Electronic Arts, and as a professional stand-up comic for a few years, so I know how to engage and motivate. Occasionally I can be funny too.

Now, as a coach and speaker, I teach effective communication, using my personal skills to both show and tell. I deliver training for a range of clients in London and Cambridge, including Foster + Partners, Redgate, Microsoft Research, Creative Assembly and Cambridge University.

Unique insights from the worlds of computer game design and stand-up comedy enable even the most introverted of my clients to deliver presentations that delight and motivate their audiences.

“Once in a generation, someone comes along who changes everything. Jon Torrens is not that person, but he met them once and tried to impress them with his Alec Guinness impression.”

You can find Jon on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and his website.