How All Freelancers Benefit From Peer To Peer Support

Choosing to become a freelancer is a lifestyle choice; it is more than just a job. The problem many freelancers face is that their way of life is so different to those around them and it is common to foster feelings of isolation and fall out of love with their choice. This is why the ONLY people who can offer true valuable support to freelancers are other freelancers, after all no-one else really ‘gets it.’

In this post we will explore the true and powerful value of peer to peer support for UK freelancers and signpost you to the best place to find it.

1. A pool of experts at your fingertips
The freelance market is huge. In 2016 the combined efforts of 2 million flexible workers contributed £119 billion to the UK economy and this number is rising in 2017. These days you will be able to find freelancers in almost any industry as writers, designers, IT specialists, accountants, customer service operators, health professionals, project managers, researchers and even teachers choose the freelance life.

With such a diverse range of job titles, you would be forgiven for wondering what support this group of misfits could offer each other but despite the differences in skills, these freelancers will have a lot in common and their differences actually make them stronger.

When you are in a strong supported network of freelancers you will find an eclectic mixture of individuals who all have something unique to bring to the table. If you need information regarding a range of subjects, you can be sure that someone will be able to provide the answers you need. For example you might need support to keep your accounts, to post on social media, to manage your customer service, to set up your website or write sales copy.

Some of the questions you might have with regards your business might be unique to a freelancer in the UK, specifically this applies to tax and employment regulations which is why a national group can be more fitting to your needs than global.

2. Share the journey
A freelancer’s life can be potentially turbulent with deep peaks and troughs, especially financially. Without a doubt there will be many times that it takes an inner strength and determination to keep going.

Finding a peer to peer support network connects you to a group of people who are on the same journey and many will have already overcome the challenges you are facing right now. Their experience is wisdom to you, just as yours is to them.

Looking for work, writing proposals, setting your price, dealing with rejection and difficult clients are also part of the freelance experience but these aspects are far from easy. Finding peer to peer support is invaluable at these times. Other freelancers can connect with you and let you know that you are not alone and guide you through, giving you advice and information on how to deal with such situations. You see, regardless of the industry the processes a freelancer has to go through are remarkably similar.

A common complaint freelancers make is that their own friends and family don’t understand and urge them to change career or to get a ‘proper job.’ Without the support of other like-minded freelancing individuals, it can be easy to listen to such requests and find yourself giving up for all the wrong reasons.

3. Strength in numbers
Just simply knowing you are not ‘the only one’ is really powerful. The feeling of isolation can be palatable as you might not have a work place to go to for human contact and daily support. Feeling that you belong to a creative force of amazing people is gold dust.

Being part of a peer to peer support network for freelancers will give you the opportunity to see that strength in numbers and recognise that you will never again be isolated, there is always someone waiting to have a virtual brew with you.

Are you A Freelance Hero?
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