Five for Friday – Our reads of the week

We ask our members what have been the stories that have helped, educated, or just plain inspired them on their freelance journey this week.
This week we’ve got a mixture of micro-productivity hacks that will change the way you view big tasks; an AI bot that can make creative images from text prompts, a community recommended read for breaking and forming positive habits; an easy peasy way to keep on top of trends and finally a helpful e-commerce blog containing all you need to end your writers block.

Let’s get into it.

1. What’s Microproductivity? The Small Habit That Will Lead You To Big Wins

“I have a very bad habit of looking at a large goal, panicking, and then putting it off. After being introduced to microproductivity I’ve been trying to view my projects and goals in more bite-size manageable ways. For example, I will have a goal of making 100 items for an event that is in 2 months time. While 100 items on the face of it will make me panic, 10 items over 10 sessions is a very manageable goal. Viewing my targets in this way lets me sleep better at night, more productive and enjoy the making process of the 100 items.”

Submitted by Jade Sims


2. DALL.E mini and will AI replace you? 

If you haven’t seen DALL.E mini yet, then Google it to see the viral results that people have made with this AI model that takes any text you give it and creates an image from that text. We had some Friday fun asking it to show us pictures such as ‘freelancer waiting for an invoice to be paid’. Heinz have even created an ad campaign using it. However, there is a more serious side to discuss – it wasn’t so long ago that this would have not been possible. As AI improves rapidly, what other tasks do you think it could start to do and do you think the services you offer could eventually be replaced by AI?

Submitted by Freelance Heroes HQ


3. Atomic Habits – your next read

“I’m currently reading Atomic Habits by James Clear and I absolutely love this book. I’ve read it many times. If you haven’t read it then you definitely should give it a try! It’s a really interesting and practical book for building habits that stick; without all the filler fluff that these kinds of books usually have.

Atomic Habits was given a big thumbs up from the Freelance Heroes community 👍 

Submitted by Rich Sowerby, Community Member


4. Exploding Topics

At FH HQ, we’ve become fans of the Exploding Topics newsletter. Once a week, an email drops into our inbox telling us the topics that are just starting to blow up and just before they really take off. Sometimes it’s just plain fascinating on a personal level to see a random topic like ‘Dog DNA Kits’ about to have a moment, but also it helps identify trends that you can tap into early that could give your freelance business a head-start over others

Submitted by Freelance HQ


5. 14 Awesome Blog Post Ideas for Your E-Commerce Store

Helen Garfield has recommended this article to boost inspiration for either those who run product based businesses, or have clients that do. When your time and energy is being poured into creating and marketing your products, writing blog content for your website can seem like a very daunting task. This blog contains all the basics you’ll need to know to kick start your e-commerce blog and examples that you can refresh over and over again.

Submitted by Helen Garfield


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