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Ask an Expert: Time Management Specialist Mandy Healey (Aspiration Station)

20th October 2022, 11:00 - 12:00
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Mandy Healey of Aspiration Station will be joining us for a Ask an Expert session; drop in anytime during the hour to ask Mandy your burning questions regarding managing your time and getting more from your day.


Examples of questions you may want to ask Mandy:

-How do you prioritise?

-What is the one tip that would save me the most time?

-How do you form and keep to positive habits?

-How do you keep your inbox under control?

-What is the secret to Worklife balance?

-What is self-care and how to I ‘fit that in’, when I am already so busy

-Why is reflection time so important?


About the Expert

Mandy Healey Aspiration Station

Mandy Healey

I am a time management expert with 29 years leadership, training, coaching and mentoring experience , underpinned by ILM and NLP qualifications.  I launched my business www.aspirationstation.co.uk, to share my wealth of experience with the wider business community.

 My specialities are:

-Time management

-Zero inbox – achieve and maintain

-Planning for success

-Removing or reducing things that cause stress

-Eliminating time robbers

-Positive habits (which are more powerful that any discipline or willpower)

-Decision making and prioritisation

-Self-care and work life balance


My Fast Track to Time Back workshop has been proven to save the equivalent of 1 month. Imagine what you could do with all that time…..

Price: £12.00
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Time Management Specialist

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