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In the Hotseat with…Robin Waite! Group Coaching Session

30th October 2023, 11:00 - 12:00
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Thinking about getting some business coaching but want to dip your feet into the pool first before fully committing? This session with Robin Waite is a perfect opportunity to get you started.


What is it? – A hotseat coaching session where I will deliver business coaching to 1, 2 or 3 plucky volunteers who would like help in growing their business. Sometimes it’s practical, tactical mentoring (using knowledge garnered through 19 years in business), sometimes we will have to dig a little bit deeper into mindset and uncover what’s preventing you from achieving the business you’d always desired.


Who is it for? – If you run a service based business as a consultant, freelancer or even a larger agency and feel your business doesn’t offer the Freedom, Fulfilment or Finances you’d hoped it would then this would be a great session for you so sit in on. Many clients of Fearless Business started out life delivering remarkable results for their clients, are brilliant, smart people, but are held back charging hourly rates. This limits their earnings capacity and so they find themselves on a constant cycle of enrolling clients, delivering work, enrolling more clients, delivering more work and feel very out of control and beholden to their clients’ unreasonable demands.


What to expect? – During the session I will ask some questions directed at the group as a whole to uncover how you are currently feeling about your business. From there I’ll be able to identify several people who may like to dig a little deeper into why they feel that way. Through some coaching on your offer, pricing, sales and mindset we will unlock what’s kept you stuck in that place for so long and what’s required to move you towards designing and building the business of your dreams which pays you your worth and also provides some freedom to do more stuff outside of work.


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About the host

Robin Waite

Robin is the Founder of Fearless Business, regular speaker at various business events and bestselling author of several books, including Online Business Startup, Marketing Machine and the recent popular release Take Your Shot.

He puts his 2 decades of experience to work, providing business coaching to clients worldwide helping them to achieve their goals, create more time and increase their revenue.

From the age of 18, Robin spent four years as a systems analyst for a medical devices company, increasing their turnover by 50 per cent, from £1m to £1.5m.

From 2004 to 2016 Robin led a successful marketing agency serving over 250 clients. During this time delivering workshops and masterclasses that helped over 1,000 business owners improve their marketing, product architecture, pricing, websites and digital advertising.

Behind the scenes Robin is a husband and father to two young girls, a surfer and Sunday warrior (road cyclist). He hates going up the hills but is well known at his local cycling club for his descending at speeds more than 50mph down said hills.

Robin holds a Guinness World Record for participating in the largest ever speed networking event, has raised over £5k for a local Children’s charity in the last 4 years and has a goal to help remove 100kg of plastic from the World’s Oceans within the next 12 months via another charity he supports – 4Ocean.

You can find Robin on…. his website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook,  and LinkedIn.

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