The Video Guide to Self-Employment Tax Returns

There are a lot of things to think about when you are freelance / self-employed, from finding clients and doing the work, to invoicing, record keeping and much more. Many freelancers choose this path for the rewards that being your own boss can give you. With that comes additional responsibilites of course, and one thing you can’t forget is your tax return.

With the self assessment deadline around the corner but still with plenty of time to get yourself sorted, watch this series of videos to help guide you through the what’s what of HMRC self-employment tax returns to help you get your tax returns right:


Basic record keeping for the self-employed.


Your self-employed tax return for HMRC


Cash basis and simplified expenses


What expenses can I include in my Self Assessment tax return?


Claiming motoring expenses if you’re self-employed


Calculating your business expenses for rent, rates power and insurance costs


Calculating your other allowable business expenses


Class 2 National Insurance contributions and your 2021 to 2022 Self Assessment tax return



Now there’s no excuse not to get that Self Assessment submitted ontime, but don’t forget to make sure you are registered with HMRC first.