This week, Ed puts your mental health questions to Dr Meg Arroll. We cover anxiety, SAD, procrastination, stress, work/life balance, and more, as well as learning techniques to help us overcome them. In this episode, we also meet Eilidh Moyes, the first of our new freelancers who has invited us to join them on their journey, to help us understand what it’s like to start out as a freelancer in 2020.

About Meg

Dr Meg Arroll (PhD, CPsychol, CSci, AFBPsS, FHEA, MISCPAccred) is a chartered psychologist, scientist and author with a specialist focus on behavioural psychology related to health and wellness, invisible/misunderstood illness and integrative approaches to healthcare. Dr Meg Arroll has been published widely in peer-reviewed journals including British Medical Journal (Open) and Medical Hypotheses, in addition to seven mainstream books for the public on topics ranging from bladder health to emotional eating. She works on a 1-2-1 basis with individuals, in corporate settings to improve health and performance and as an advisor to brands and the media. As a regular contributor to commercial publications such as The Daily Mail and Psychologies magazine, she translates complex scientific theories and research for public dissemination.

You can find Dr Meg Arroll on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

About Eilidh

Over two years experienced graphic designer and social media marketer. Strongly skilled in brand management and creating graphics for print and digital platforms. From working in-house, agencies and freelance roles and projects, she is a highly adaptable skilled individual with a passion for coming up with unique solutions to clients or companies design and marketing problems.

You can find Eilidh on her website, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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