What is it like to start a freelance business in 2021? How do you attract and win your first client?  What is the transition from an office environment to a company of one like? How should you manage your time? There is a lot to focus on, both big and small, when starting a freelancing journey. On top of that, there is the matter of a pandemic too.

This week, Ed chats to the second of in a series of conversations with freelancers who launched their business in 2021.


About Gareth Hawkins

Gareth Hawkins is a time-served Managing Director and an MBA Graduate, He has acquired, built and sold businesses over a 20-year career in the industrial engineering sector, and, in Q1 2021, he founded Enterprise Insights Ltd.

Enterprise Insights assists with succession and exit planning, helping Entrepreneurs and Owners to responsibly access the capital they have worked hard to build.

Discover more at http://e-i.london. Also check out Gareth’s podcast The Chief Executive Optimist, by visiting https://ceoptimist.com.


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