“Look back to learn how to look forward.” – Jo Girard

There is so much data available to us that understanding which data is most relevant to our freelance business, and how to use it efficiently, can be a daunting task. This week, we start to unearth the hows, whats, and where, to understand where we are in our freelance business, in order to grow.

Katie Thompson In Her Own Words

Professional content marketing with a sense of humour – if she says so herself.

If you’ve ever tried researching a blog post, writing an ad, or even throwing a bio together, you’ll understand how difficult it is. Good content – that which inspires, educates, and entertains – takes time. It’s an art and a science, and goodness knows you don’t have time for both.

That’s where Katie Lingo comes in. Whether you need a website rewrite, an in-depth blog post, magazine interview or simple press release, we’re here to help. Let us handle the content, the house style, the grammar, and the tone, while you focus on growing your business. The right message won’t just keep the Google gods happy. It will excite your audience, and push them to convert.

Connect at [email protected] and www.katielingo.co.uk.


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