“Work on yourself as much as you do your business. After all, you’re the business.” – Anna Codrea-Rado, “You’re The Business”


Anna Codrea-Rado lost her job on a Friday afternoon in 2017. The following Monday, Anna had set up as a freelancer. It’s a journey she has documented in her first book, “You’re The Business”, which is published this month. In it, she covers everything from finding clients and setting rates, to saving for taxes and dealing with insecurities, You’re the Business has been written to help freelancers build a long-lasting career they love.

In this week’s episode, Ed chats with Anna about why she wrote the book, what Anna has learned about herself and freelancing, how she sees freelancing changing in a post-Covid world, and so much more.


About Anna

Anna is a freelance journalist who covers business, culture, and technology with a particular focus on working life. Her writing appears in the New York Times, Guardian, Wired, Monocle, the BBC, Vice, and many others.

She co-hosts the number one career podcast, Is This Working?, with co-host Tiffany Philippou. In it, they talk about the messy parts of work on the weekly show. The podcast has been featured in the Guardian, Economist, and Stylist, and The Sunday Times Style Magazine described the podcast as “voicing the professional issues that often go undiscussed.

Finally, Anna publishes The Professional Freelancer newsletter and community. This is for people who want to be happy and successful working for themselves.

Order your copy of “You’re The Business” from your local bookstore now or here on Amazon.

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