“I was handing over money to a coworking space because it was crucial to my mental health” – Bernie Mitchell

In 2019, research carried out by Epson EcoTank found that 91% of freelancers choose to work from home. No great surprise, we hear you ask. Epson’s study also uncovered that 48% of its respondents found freelancing lonely and nearly half (48%) said freelancing can be isolating. So why don’t more freelancers work from coworking spaces? What are the benefits to freelancers when they do? Do coworking spaces want freelancers to use their centres and, if so, why?

This week, Ed is joined by Bernie J Mitchell, who is using his experience and influence to spearhead a campaign to “Save our Local Coworking Spaces”. In our chat, we explore how they helped him as a freelancer, and how they add value to the freelance community, wherever you’re based.

Because of Bernie’s insightful mind on coworking, collaboration, and the future of work, this really is well worth a listen.

You can also connect with Bernie on his website or on twitter. You can also follow and join the “Save Our Local Coworking” campaign.

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