“There are far, far better things ahead than anything we leave behind” – C. S. Lewis

How positive are you feeling right now? How do you look for the positives when you’re feeling the opposite? How do you stay positive? And what impact does this all have on your freelance business?

This week’s Freelance Heroes podcast aims to bring some positivity to you and your freelance business, and Ed would love to know how you go about that yourself, however, you are feeling. For example, you may be a generally positive person anyway or you may be feeling worried or anxious or something else and looking for those morsels of positivity. Do email your stories to [email protected].

Today we meet Sophie Cross who is very much a positive person. Who Ed met on social media, either Linkedin or Twitter, about a year ago. Recently, Sophie hosted a Freelance Heroes Twitter chats which focused on the big wins, small wins, planning, and general positive outlook on freelancing. We find out how Sophie has kept that way in a difficult 12 months while moving to a new house…twice. We also learn how Sophie sets her goals and how she deals with so much chaos around us.

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About Sophie Cross

As the travel and hospitality industry shut down in 2020, a lot of my freelance marketing and copywriting client work went with it.

After more than a couple of very long, thoughtful walks, I knew this was the time to start doing my very best marketing – to stand out, stay positive, and support others.

I decided to put all my experience into creating marketing and mindset courses for ambitious freelancers and small businesses which would also put me at the forefront for clients. But as the client work started to pick up again, I was already getting really good feedback and sales for the courses, not to mention loving doing them.

My priority now is to lift other freelancers and business owners with online courses that give them the confidence to market themselves and grow businesses they truly love. Find free marketing courses and resources at Thoughtfully.co.uk.

And I am hoping soon to be Editor-in-Chief of FreelancerMagazine.co.uk.

Make sure you connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter if we’re not already in touch. And excuse the fact that for some inexplicable reason I’ve started using more emojis than my mum. 👋😎

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