During this episode, Ed chats with Joe Glover about how The Marketing Meetup community started, how the COVID-19 pandemic nearly derailed the whole project and what Joe did about it, and touch on the relationship between marketing departments of bigger businesses and the freelancers who can help them.

About Joe

Joe Glover aspires, above all, to be kind.

He’s made stuff up to the point of now sitting in the middle of a community of 17,000 of the world’s most lovely marketers at The Marketing Meetup – a group he founded 4 years ago and embodied by the line ‘be positively lovely’.

Joe has been selected as one of 30 marketers across the UK as a scholar for the 2020 intake of The Marketing Academy, and has been named the Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the SME Awards. Whatever that means.

Joe also wishes he had more hair and was better at Footgolf, as discussed in this episode. He also wants to add that he loves his wife and dog very much.

To connect with Joe, visit his website.

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