The Office of National Statistics reports that 2% of the UK’s self-employed population class themselves as “Black/African/Caribbean”. In this episode, Ed talks with Lauren Rosegreen, Toks Adebanjo Coyle, and Ella Orr about being freelancers and black.

Lauren Rosegreen

Lauren is new to freelancing, having set up her business in 2020 providing content, marketing strategy, and analysis of data for Socialb. In June, Lauren wrote a heartfelt account of events this year which brought the Black Lives Matters conversation back to the forefront, “The BLM movement from the perspective of a mixed-race female.”

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Toks (Adebanjo) Coyle

Edinburgh-based Toks is an award-winning Virtual Assistant to busy coaches and creatives and launched “Toks Adebanjo Virtual Assistant” in 2016.

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Ella Orr

Ella is a Social Media Marketer, and helps business to believe in the power of social media to help build that all-important Know, Like, and Trust relationship with their potential clients.

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