“Knowledge is power, but only when you use it.” – Merlie Calvert


Ed chats with Merlie Calvert, Founder, and CEO of Farillio – a business that changed the way small businesses do law. They discuss how freelancers were key to helping get Farillio off the ground and running, and offers advice to freelancers looking to pitch to other businesses like hers.

About Merlie

Merlie Calvert is the CEO and founder of Farillio, an award-winning, 3-year old tech startup in the business and legal services sector. Passionate about Farillio’s mission to ensure that no small business owner struggles because they can’t get access to the info, materials or expert help they need, on a basis they can afford, Merlie’s unapologetically rebellious about championing small business rights. Farillio was built with freelancers and Merlie still relies on and attributes a significant chunk of Farillio’s success to freelancer creativity, ingenuity and support as Farillio scales up and gets ready to cross international borders.

For more information about Farillio, visit their website as well as on twitter. You can also find Merlie on Twitter.

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