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Mastering Your Money Mindset

7th - 9th March 2022, 18:00
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Do you

🤯 Spend your time trying to second guess your client’s budget instead of putting forward your actual rate?
😤 Fed up of having a wobble and knocking your rates down?
😬 Fear what might happen if you up them?
😖 Or have the crucifying fear of rejection every time you send a quote? Then ultimately wish you’d upped it when it’s accepted?

It feels like there should be some magic number or formula for setting prices, but I’m afraid to tell you, there usually isn’t.

A big part of getting your pricing right is to get your head in the right place, yet many of us have not taken the steps needed to work on this.

In the money mindset challenge, we will take a look at what your money blocks are, your confidence levels in talking money and how you can take steps to earn the rate you deserve.

We’re starting on Monday 7th March at 9 AM and you can request to join the group NOW.

Mastering Your Money Mindset

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  • Date
    7th - 9th March 2022, 18:00
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    Helen Hill