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Freelance Heroes Day 2018

16th May 2018, 00:00 - 23:59
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On May 16th every year, UK Freelancers come together online for #FreelanceHeroesDay to pay tribute to UK Freelance Heroes, grow their network and expand their  knowledge of the freelance industry

An annual conference also provides the Freelance Heroes community to meet up in person to learn, be inspired and open doors to opportunity through networking and collaboration.

This year the online campaign will take place on May 16th as usual. The theme is ‘Behind the Freelancer’

Here is how you can get involved in our online campaign, talking all things freelance using #FreelanceHeroesDay

  1. Share a selfie or a picture of your workspace with the caption:
    #FreelanceHeroes Assemble for #FreelanceHeroesDay (be sure to include the hashtag as #FreelanceHeroes)
  2. Tell us about a Freelance Hero. Someone who has made a difference to you or your business in the last year. Tag them/mention them in a social media post using the hashtag #FreelanceHeroesDay (this opens it up to businesses who may want to say thanks to a freelancer who has added value to their businesses therefore highlighting the industry as a whole)
  3. Create a piece of content (blog, video, story, or image) answering one (or more!) of the following questions and share on social media using the hashtag #FreelanceHeroesDay. Tag us and we will share on our platforms.
    • What does the #FreelanceHeroes community mean to you?
    • Why should UK Freelancers be part of the #FreelanceHeroes community?
    • How can freelancers make the most of the #FreelanceHeroes community?
    • How do #FreelanceHeroes make a difference to the economy/businesses etc. The benefit of the freelance industry. (This opens it up to anyone to write about the community or the freelance industry and we can directly contact individual to ask them to write something.)
  4. Make a pledge: How will you contribute to the UK Freelance Industry, to your fellow freelancers or the #FreelanceHeroescommunity over the next 12 months. Share your pledge using #FreelanceHeroesDay and tag us so we can share.
Freelance heroes Day 2018

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    16th May 2018, 00:00 - 23:59
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    Freelance Heroes