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Helen UnlikelyGenius
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Helen Hill

Content Designer and Writer, Freelance Business Coach @ Falling Off The Ladder, UnlikelyGenius, Be The Future
Content Designer and Writer. Freelance Business Coach. Imperfect environmentalist. Podcaster. Collector of hobbies. Obsessive bun-mum🐰🐰 and gold-level clumsy noggin. Oh, and Ed would say I'm very competitive...not sure why 😬
West Yorkshire, UK
Industry: Education
Skillset: Business Coaching Consultancy Graphic Design Web/ software development

Website Features

Mastering the Self-employed Mindset

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Workshop: The right clients at the right rate

Workshop: The right clients at the right rate

1st April 2022, 08:30 - 09:30
A workshop designed to get you thinking about how you can start to charge the…

The Last Rung by Helen Hill

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Falling Off The Ladder by Helen Hill

Falling Off The Ladder is a mindset manual for those who don't fit the one-size-fits-all…
Helen Hill

Featured Freelancer: Helen Hill, Learning Content Designer

Helen Hill is a West Yorkshire based freelance designer, now in her third year of…

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