The Pain Point of UK Freelancers

“Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors” – African proverb

The journey of a freelancer brings with it a number of challenges. Some of which we’re prepared for and some unforseen. But out of all the hurdles a freelancer needs to clear, we asked the Freelance Heroes FB group which one was currently the biggest.

Just to add some clarity, by “currently” we meant in the last 3 months, and this question was asked in August 2018.

Here are the results…



As ever, Freelance Heroes added some further insight into their answers too. Such as…

“I call myself a science educator, with the lion’s share of my income from home schooled children and private tuition. I have very little work in July and August and it doesn’t really matter how much money I put aside, it’s never enough…..”

“It has to be time management for me. But that’s because we are in the process of selling our house and finding somewhere new to live, so keeping the house spotless for viewings (not easy with two crazy dogs!!), plus doing viewings around the country as can’t decide where to move to, walking the dogs twice a day, generally 2018 being crazy with taking on new clients all the time (I’m not complaining about this of course), and add to that my assistant being off sick with pneumonia for 3 weeks this month, it has been one crazy summer!! Can’t wait for the house move stuff to be over. That’s if we ever make a decision on where to live with our house sale completion being about 2-3 weeks away”

“Although I chose finding customers as my biggest challenge, I think finding the right ones can be the biggest headache of alI. I steer away from those who want something for nothing, a discount or a swap. The work I do helps people find and develop the right customers through brand storytelling and content marketing. So if they don’t recognise a value to the investment they are the wrong customer. We have to kiss a lot of frogs ? along the way!”

What About You?

As a freelancer, what is your biggest challenge right now? Let us know on twitter, at @FHChat & using #FreelanceHeroes, on Linkedin, or in the Freelance Heroes Facebook Group