This week, Ed discusses the physical well-being of freelancers and puts your questions to Physiotherapist, Kathryn Peden, such as “What is the best posture for sitting at a desk?”, “How to wind down after sitting all day?”, “What is the best equipment to use to prevent injury (ergonomic mice, wrist supports, etc.)?” and many more.

About Kathryn

“I watched the Physio do something subtle to the back of the man’s neck. He turned slowly to face his therapist, eyes almost comically wide with wonder. “My hand pain has completely gone! Are you a witch doctor?” That was the moment I decided I wanted to be a Physio.” Since 2014, Kathryn Peden of Arcadia Physiotherapy has been scouring research and getting hands on to make those magic moments of either physical or psychological revelation for her patients. Co-author of ‘Menopause – The Change for The Better’

, podcaster, blogger and runner, she ensures her clinic is a place to relax, to understand better the causes and consequences of your condition, and to leave motivated and positive about your path to renewed health and recovery. Based in Nottingham, UK, she also has a YouTube channel and is developing online courses for post-natal women with pelvic and abdominal issues. She’s currently on Maternity leave enjoying every moment with her baby son Angus.

You can find Kathryn on Twitter, Facebook and her website.

Useful Links:

The key posture demo video Kathryn recommend for listeners to understand their own posture at home.

Kathryn also highly recommends this TED talk regarding body language and posture and how it affects both our moods and how others perceive us.

Finally, key stretch for all desk drivers – Hip Flexor Stretch (use a cushion under your knee if it hurts to kneel on the floor).