Michala Leyland is the founder of Wood For The Trees Coaching and a “hybrid” freelancer, as a performance and mindset coach, for the last 7 years.

Michala believes that freelancers, and other business owners, should have greater clarity of their vision and then live their vision now, because our vision is very much possible right this minute, even when we set future-forward goals.

In this episode, Michala talks about the freelancing journey that has brought her to today. She also shares some of her experience and wisdom to help you plan for the coming weeks, months, and the year ahead too.


Snippet From The Episode

Energy is everything. Whatever is going on with you, it will play itself out. For example, I talk a lot about the limiting beliefs that might be holding us back from the things that we say that we want. You may have a clear vision of how you want your life and your business to play out. But then, what happens is, those conditioned beliefs within us start to work underneath what you’re saying you want.¬†

About Michala (in her own words)

Whether you are a high achieving woman in the corporate sector, who is bouncing back from burnout, or simply overcome with the overwhelm of all that you are juggling or a public sector leader who is frazzled by the limited resources and never-ending demands placed on you, or you are an online purpose-driven business owner who’s achieved the financial freedom you wanted but you are a slave to your business, I’m here for you.

I love helping women like you move from stressed and overworked to calm, confident and defining success so you can enjoy it every day.


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