“Today, every business is an online business” – Unknown

Last week we looked at tools to grow a freelance business and those who play the biggest part in that are our clients. This week, we look at how to best pitch ourselves and our business, when speaking with new and existing clients. To help you with this, Ed speaks with Jenna Davies, who has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners to pitch with confidence and impact.

Topics we will be covering, and questions we will be answering, include:

  • What are the key things that make a big difference when pitching your business online?
  • Tips on how to come across more confident online
  • How much of a difference does investing in quality equipment make? E.g. camera, microphone, lights, etc.
  • When I have the opportunity to pitch my business to someone, how can I make a great first impression every time?
  • How should I structure, start and end a pitch?

…and so much more.

About Jenna Davies

Jenna is a highly experienced training professional with a flair for public speaking. Since starting her career as a broadcast journalist, she has successfully navigated an exciting and varied career path that has led her to become a specialist in empowering others to up their game with their communication skills, through her business, The IAM Hub.

Jenna has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners to pitch with confidence and impact while supporting teams of all sizes to present, network, and speak up with influence, reaping the career and business development rewards that come with it.

She is a speaker, event host, and pitch coach and her expertise has supported a wealth of organisations from start-ups to large corporates, alongside ambitious founders, to engage and inspire their audiences.

As Mentioned in the Podcast:

Watch Jenna’s “First Impression Fiona” video taken from her talk at last year’s online National Sales Conference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRnvWuMKNaE

Equipment that Jenna uses for her online videos:

Jelly Comb HD 1080p Webcam

Fifine USB Microphone

Jenna uses these studio-style lights.

However, a simple clip-on light for laptops will work well for meetings, webinars, etc, such as these clip-on round lights or rechargeable soft lights.


Connect with Jenna

The IAmHub YouTube Channel

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jenna-c-davies/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/theiamhub

Website: www.theiamhub.com


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