Sarah English is, like 2m others in the UK (and millions more across the world) a freelancer who, in May 2019 did something radical. She reached out to a business and asked for help. What makes this story stand out is how vividly she painted the desperate state her business was in, and then what followed. It’s a fascinating story.

About Sarah

I have always had a passion for the written word, so never in my wildest dreams did I actually believe I could do this for a living, but here I am, living the dream.

In my previous career in sales and recruitment I was always first to volunteer to do anything creative, from writing reports to bid and tender writing. I have extensive experience of tailoring work to customers’ requirements and pride myself on a job well done. I enjoy building a strong rapport with my customers and really drilling down into their motivations and ambitions.

I am trained in psychometric profiling which enables me to ask the right questions to realise my customers’ requirements. I am not afraid to challenge and always give honest and accurate feedback. I’ve found my approach very successful in building lasting customer relationships.

I bought a franchise as a recruiter and this spurred me to begin Write Idea. I loved having the creative licence to write my own website, adverts and company materials. I found I enjoyed the writing far more than the actual recruitment process and began CV and cover letter writing as a side line. There will always be a recruiter and sales person inside me and now I can put everything I have learned over the years into practice with Write Idea.

You can find Sarah on Facebook, LinkedIn and her website.