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In this Featured Freelancer interview, we chat with Time Design Coach Louisa Daubney, who after working nearly two decades in fundraising, decided to pursue her passion for coaching and support others in making decisions that would change their working life for the better.

This year Louisa niched into time management, a specific part of coaching designed to give business owners the working structure that suits them, as not everyone is the same! Ultimately Louisa’s goal is to make sure we get our work done in the hours that we want to dedicate and have plenty of time for everything else that matters to us.

We recommend you give Louisa’s Summer workshop for Freelance Heroes a watch, and get yourself acquainted with the process of designing your day your way. Click here to watch via YouTube.

Get Louisa’s ’10 steps to mastering your schedule’ download for free here and sign up for her free Monday morning time tips via the homepage.

You can connect with Louisa on her website // LinkedIn // and Instagram.


Offers from Louisa:

Working with me
Join my group membership: Monday Momentum Meetups: – each session focuses on:
➔ working through Mastering your schedule – one step per week – to build your own framework for your schedule;
➔ gaining clarity about which projects matter most to you right now (and why);
➔ creating a practical set of goals and daily actions for the week ahead;
➔ understanding what‘s getting in the way of your focus and flow.

Book a 1-2-1 Power Hour: where we’ll do a deep dive into a current time related challenge that’s stopping you from finding more time and energy to focus on what matters most to you; and work together to create an action plan to move forward.

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Louisa Daubney

Louisa Daubney