Furlough and Your Motivation

Hello Fellow Freelancers,

My name is Ekua Cant and I’m a Coach. My business is young and, like everyone, I’m adapting to living in a global health pandemic. For me, what has helped me to stay motivated, know which day of the week it is and stay sane, is the following:

  • Keeping a “working routine” – Getting up, washing, putting on working clothes, eating breakfast and having “working hours
  • Having a working space or room – I personally have a room and when I am in it – “I am working” – When I close the door, that’s the end of the day!
  • Weekend Wake-up Call – I have a lie in and know that it’s not a working day by the time I get up and the activities that I do.
  • Keeping in touch with Friends and Family – Staying in touch via the telephone, email, Zoom and messaging has helped me to help others and find joy in life

So we’ve just heard that the furlough scheme has been extended. Details here.

I don’t know what it’s like to be furloughed. You may currently be furloughed. It doesn’t mean that:

  • Learning is cancelled
  • Reading is cancelled
  • Exercise is cancelled
  • Self Care is cancelled
  • Motivation is cancelled
  • Telling your significant other, “I love you” is cancelled
  • Telling yourself, “I love you. You are worthy and Awesome!” is cancelled


What I do know is this, YOU CAN and YOU WILL Survive. In fact even thrive!


Here’s what I know of you: 

  • You are gifted and talented
  • You are courageous, creative and resilient
  • You make a difference to someone
  • You will positively adapt


Here are some links you may find helpful:

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (Gov.uk)

Mental Health UK – Supporting Furloughed Employees

Address Stress – Mental Health First Aid England

Mind Mental Health Charity – How to manage stress

Contact the Samaritans

Self Care Tips NY Times


I’m hoping that whilst it has been difficult to adapt to this new environment, the things that I’ve learnt to do like bread making and making a “sourdough starter” have been awesome! I would have never spent time on the aformentioned if it had not been for this time. I hope you’ve also had some #lockdown growth!


Author Bio

Ekua CantEkua lives to make people be their own cheerleader! Ekua started her career as a personal assistant to a Director working in the UK Civil Service, working with numerous Government Departments the Cabinet Office, Home Office and left as an IT Project Manager. Whilst working in the Civil Service she founded 2 startups, Layover Adventure and the Hackathon Queen. She became a Digital Project Manager contractor. Ekua successfully completed the London Marathon in 2018 one of the hottest on record! She was also awarded a ticket to Barack Obama’s acceptance for the nomination to the Democratic party for her campaigning work for the civic voluntary organisation DCVote. She always has a listening ear to advise and provide career coaching for those in need of guidance. She formerly ran DrinksBot, an on-demand drinks delivery service enabled by a Slack Chatbot. She’s currently coaching, writing a motivational self help book, and mentoring.

You can visit Ekua’s website and find her on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.