Five for Friday – Our Reads of the Week

We ask the community what have been the stories that have helped, educated, or just plain inspired them on their freelance journey this week.
This week we’ve got a mixture of memory boosting advice, a listen on being idealism vs realism, how to find out what your competitors are doing, through to some Halloween enetertainment for the weekend.

Let’s take a look.


1. Why Am I So Forgetful? How to Improve Your Memory
“Nearly everyone struggles with some form of memory loss before reaching middle age” I have to laugh, at 29 I have to put nearly every minute thing into my Google calendar to remember it: pack the charger at specifically 4:15, take the meat out to defrost, phone my mother… I will not remember it otherwise. Here’s an article for all the Heroes that need a little memory boost like me.

Submitted by Jade Sims


2. PODCAST: Am I Being Unrealistic?
“It’s easy to feel like you’re being naive and idealistic in terms of your big goals. But you can, and should, be incredibly optimistic and audacious in terms of the big picture of what you want. Then, by all means, be pragmatic in terms of what you need to do in the short term…”

Submitted by Anna Lundberg Community Member


3. Spy On Your Competitors Google Ads
“🕵🏻PPC TIP: Many people don’t know that you can spy on your competitor’s Google ads for FREE with ZERO tools. It’s easy. Here is a quick video showing how” Watch on Twitter also.

Submitted by Col Skinner Community Member


4. Freelancer Magazine Issue 7 out now!
“100 pages of stories and strategies focused on the tools and confidence for B2B and creative freelancers to grow a freelance business they love with all our usual features. For the first time we have two different covers – which one will you get? #TeamEman or #TeamHowie?”

Submitted by Freelance HQ


5. 10 ‘Scary’ Movies for People Who Don’t Like Horror
Not strictly work related this one but with many of you taking, or about to take, a half-term break, and with Halloween on the horizon, why not enjoy a scary movie from this list, even if you don’t like scary movies

Submitted by Freelance Heroes HQ


6. Get Pirkx, on us
We know that right now, the cost of living is a concern, with many of us tightening our belts and looking at ways to save money. Along with this comes an increased awareness of our mental health and self-care. And as freelancers, many of us are working on self-development through online learning. These things matter to the freelance community and so, to support you through what we know is a challenging time for self employed people, we are adding some exciting rewards and benefits to Freelance Heroes membership, powered by Pirkx, on us.

Submitted by Freelance Heroes HQ


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