Freelance Heroes is the voice of UK Freelancers!


A community of freelancers from across the UK; supporting and encouraging one another, skill sharing and representing their freelance network UK wide

Find Support

Whatever challenges you are facing as a UK freelancer be it financial, motivational or anything else, you can be sure that other freelancers in the UK have faced the same challenge.

The Freelance Heroes community provides an empathetic support network; people who have been there, done that and maybe have the (Freelance Heroes) t-shirt

Share Knowledge

The organic growth of the Freelance Heroes community is down to the freelancers who are willing to be open and honest about their experiences, as well as share their knowledge and skills with others.

Our non-spammy moderated Facebook group provides UK Freelancers with a forum to discuss challenges, support and encourage each other and share skills and opportunities.

Grow Your Network

The Freelance Heroes community is a vast network of freelancers in different industries From VAs, graphic designers and writers to artists, architects and tutors.

You will never be short of a contact again. Someone will always know the answer to your query, be able to provide a recommendation and the group has been the catalyst for some great collaborations

What the Freelance Heroes say…

“Freelance Heroes is such a friendly and supportive group for freelancers. The freelance lifestyle can be quite isolating at times, and it’s like having a big friendly support team at your fingertips to ask for help, give advice and to give you a pat on the back or a kick up the bum when you need it. It’s also a great resource pool you can dip into when looking for people to collaborate with on larger projects or projects outside your area of expertise. Whether you have a tech issue with your laptop, need a sounding board for a new idea or just want a chat with your fellow freelancers, Freelance Heroes has it all.”

– Emma Read

“As a newcomer to the freelancing world, the Freelance Heroes community has been really welcoming and helpful. I’ve found the group to be a safe place to ask any type of question, and they’ve helped me to navigate some of the tricky decisions early on in running my own business. The map is wonderful too, it’s a great way to find local freelancers to complement your skillset, or just meet for a coffee!”

– Penni Stanton

“Having been a part of Freelance Heroes for over a year now I can genuinely say the group has become a huge mentor in navigating the choppy waters of being a freelancer in the business world. The discussions are always insightful well balanced and engaging.

Most importantly it has allowed me to grow my business network, acquire new friends but ultimately make me feel part of something… The group continually grows but is always welcoming and I consider it part of my extended family now.

– Mark James Asplin

The Freelance Hero Story

Started in May 2016 by Ed Goodman, Freelance Heroes began as a Facebook group for UK Freelancers to chat and swap tips. Ed realised that local networking with freelancers in a similar line of work might prevent valuable knowledge from being shared.

The intention was to create a wider network of UK Freelancers where open and honest sharing would be encouraged and the spammy sales pitches would be left at the door. The community grew quickly and with Annie Browne joining Freelance Heroes HQ, the freelance natterings began via @FHChat.

Now with over 2,800 members, Freelance Heroes has grown into a supportive and encouraging community of peer support and a platform for personal development. Never closed for business, members can share experiences, ask questions and network with people who are in the same freelancing boat.

Mapping The Freelance Heroes

Our community is represented across the whole of the UK, a small percentage of who you can see on our Freelance Heroes map!

Freelance Heroes HQ

Annie Browne


Virtual assistant, craft blogger, Mummy of two boys, wife to a globe-trotting academic, owner of two crazy cats, stationery lover and long-term sufferer of a tea and baked goods addiction. 

Ed Goodman


Freelance Social Media Trainer, Founder of Freelance Heroes as well as Cambridge Business Lounge, Author of “New Business, Next Steps: The all-in-one guide to managing, marketing, and growing your small business”


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